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Jimmy Bosch (Puerto Rico)

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New York Salsa…. Jimmy Bosch is known throughout the world to be a powerful force as a trombonist, as a composer, as an entertainer and as the producer of his own records for his own Independent record label, JRGR Records, Inc. People all over the world who follow Jimmy know to expect something different from the norm. He does it his way and his records are like no other records in the world.

“A Million!” Jimmy’s 4th solo record release is scheduled to hit the streets, stores and airwaves in late April or Early May, 2009. On this record, he introduces yet another lead vocalist, a true young “Sonero” from Puerto Rico. He also presents a female, singing lead on one track. And if that’s not enough, he wrote and sang a Bolero himself on this production. A powerful song about the love between a mother and her son, audiences will no doubt be moved by its delivery and its sincerity.

People worldwide refer to Bosch as Salsa’s Brutal Trombone, “a real person”, “awesome”, “extraordinary”, “most expressive”, “great soloist,” etc. Considered one of today’s most important composers/lyricists in Salsa music, his songs are thought provoking, educational, inspiring, socially reflective and even comedic.
His ability to conquer the rhythmic complexities with his heartfelt and gifted trombone playing styles has placed him in the Royal Court of the music world, covering the Salsa, Latin Jazz and World music genres.
Appearing on over 70 recordings, Bosch has made records and/or toured with his 11 piece band as well as with Israel Cachao Lopez, Ruben Blades and Son del Solar, Celia Cruz, Ray Barretto, Willie Colon, Manny Oquendo y Libre, Paquito D’Rivera, Oscar De Leon, Jose Alberto “El Canario,” Marc Anthony, FANIA Allstars, Eddie and Charlie Palmieri, Steve Turre, Incognito, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Jon Faddis, Arturo O’farril and the list goes on.

Jimmy Bosch has been featured as a soloist as well as the Jimmy Bosch band throughout the world in major venues and festivals, including; Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center (NYC), North Sea Jazz (Holland), Tempo Latino (France), Heineken Jazz Festival (Puerto Rico), Montreal Jazz (Canada), Madison Square Garden (NYC), Continental Arena (NJ), Sydney Festival, Sydney Opera House (Australia), Barranquijazz (Colombia), El Poliedro, FITA and Tereza Careña (Venezuela).  Bosch is and shall continue to be hailed by international audiences and critics for his magical ability to impart his contagious passion and spirit to the masses both live and through his recordings. 
Born in 1959 and raised in a Puerto Rican household, Jimmy is a genuine artist who’s been performing professionally since age 13, starting just two years after picking up the trombone.  Jimmy’s first two solo CDs, “Soneando Trombón” and “Salsa Dura” established him as the Ambassador of the Salsa Dura movement.  He ignited this movement by combining old school quality salsa arrangements with a modern NY aggressive edge and socially conscious lyrics. “El Avión De La Salsa” demonstrates and solidifies his commitment to keeping it raw and telling it like it is.  Bosch’s music is inspirational.  His 2009 release proves to do the same, only more intensely even. 

He has a special talent for getting his message across through great arrangements, hard driving rhythms, emphatic solos, swinging montunos and expressive words. Having performed for crowds as large as 150,000 in Montreal, Canada; over 110,000 in Sydney Festival at Domain Park, and 95,000 in Medellín, Colombia, Jimmy is a well-seasoned entertainer.

As Jimmy continues to travel Globally with his band and as a soloist, he prepares the world for his most recent documentation of his heart, mind and soul on his 4th Salsa CD, “A Million!”.